PCI Failed to allocate mem for PCI ROM

Ivan Kokshaysky ink at jurassic.park.msu.ru
Sun Jan 13 02:12:12 EST 2008

On Sat, Jan 12, 2008 at 12:27:05AM -0700, Grant Grundler wrote:
> Looking at setup-bus.c:pci_bridge_check_ranges(), I'm concluding that:
> [7] is IO Range.
> [8] is MMIO
> [9] is Prefetchable MMIO
> [10] no clue...maybe used by host PCI bus controllers.

#10 is for cardbus bridges, IIRC.

> 0x100000 is 1MB and would be the minimum MMIO range that can be allocated.
> So that looks right too. Probably need to find out what is allocating
> 0xe0000000 instead.

I believe that the setup-bus code just tried to allocate 1M ROM of some
device using prefetchable window of the bridge 0000:00:00.0. That failed,
probably because there is no MEM space left on the root bus, which is
perfectly OK. Then, the ROM might be successfully allocated in the
non-prefetchable MMIO space.

So, I don't see any problem in this situation. The only thing I could
suggest is to lower the log level in that message from KERN_ERR to


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