[PATCH 1/8] pseries: phyp dump: Docmentation

Manish Ahuja ahuja at austin.ibm.com
Thu Jan 10 10:18:53 EST 2008

> It's in "production" with 256MB of RAM? Err. Sure as the dump progresses
> more RAM will be freed, but that's hardly production. I think Nathan's
> right, any sysadmin who wants predictability will probably double reboot
> anyway.

Thats a changeable parameter. Its something we chose for now. It by no means
is set in stone. Its not a design parameter. If you like to allocate 1GB we can.
But that is something we did for now. we expect this to be a variable value
dependent upon the size of the system. So if you have 128 GB system and you 
can spare 10 gb, you should be able to have 10 GB to boot with. 

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