Help with device tree binding for SMC serial

Scott Wood scottwood at
Thu Jan 10 09:40:45 EST 2008

Rune Torgersen wrote:
>> From: Scott Wood
>> Don't forget to exclude the SMC parameter RAM from the muram 
>> data area 
>> in /soc/cpm/muram/data/reg.  If you have an older device tree binding 
>> that has no /soc/cpm/muram node, but instead has two resources in 
>> /soc/cpm/reg, you need to move to head-of-tree to get this to work.
> Did that, now we get e checkstop resert. Time to hook up the
> BDI-2000....
> Is there a way to have the bootwrapper use the u-boot serial for a while
> (like a early srial port) for debugging?

If you mean calling into u-boot for a console, no, there's no code for that.

What do your cpm and muram nodes look like?


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