add phy-handle property for fec_mpc52xx

Matt Sealey matt at
Thu Jan 10 04:17:52 EST 2008

Sven Luther wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 09, 2008 at 04:36:19PM +0000, Matt Sealey wrote:
>> The link that Olaf presented, *is*
>> the upstream support for now. What his patch does is say, the upstream
>> support exists, but we don't like it, so we will supplement the patch..
> Matt, your work on efika.forth is laudable, and it is nice that you took
> the time to support it.
> *BUT* it is not acceptable for a distribution, or for someone who will
> have to do user support, to have to launch a second binary before
> launching the kernel. Especially when netbooting for example.

Then I think you are all missing the fact that I said there *IS A REALLY
CUTE WAY OF INSTALLING IT ONCE* by uploading it into nvramrc, it will not
be a runnable script, but executed on boot, because it'll be flashed into

However I don't have the time to go into making this app, creating the
tools to munge efika.forth into a correct more uploadable format, and
creating the install tool. I barely have enough time to track this list
and make sure any drivers requiring firmware tree changes are taken care
of (I definitely lost the plot with the USB one, I haven't even checked
it even though I was asked to 2 weeks ago..)

Unfortunately one guy who already has a significant amount of work to do
all day, who is not the responsible person for firmware issues, and is
not being assisted by anyone in the community either generated and
maintained by Genesi or existing around Linux, poses some serious problems
with timeliness of updates.

If anyone wants to stop patching Linux and instead make efika.forth easier
to use, feel free, REALLY. Sven, are you volunteering for this REALLY
tiny task? It will probably take all of a day for a couple of guys to
work up the tools to do it based on very simple instructions and data
provided.. the work is probably worth the price of a pizza, so no
contracts are going to be worked out for it.

Matt Sealey <matt at>
Genesi, Manager, Developer Relations

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