[PATCH 7/7] Add MPC512x PSC serial driver

John Rigby jrigby at freescale.com
Wed Jan 9 04:47:57 EST 2008

Thanks for the quick feedback Grant.

Grant Likely wrote:
> Exactly *how* different is the 5121 PSC from the 5200 PSC?  If it is
> really different, then it makes sense to clone. 
The fifo handling has completely changed that is the main difference.
>  In fact; I'd
> duplicate the mpc52xx_psc.h file also to avoid any crossover.
I agree.

> However, if the differences are manegable, I'd rather see a single
> driver that can drive either type of PSC.  In fact, can you post a
> diff between this driver and the original PSC driver?
I simple diff will mostly show the removal of arch/ppc support so
won't be much help.  How about I do take a pass at a new version
that supports 52xx and 512x but only for arch/powerpc?

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