[PATCH 0/7] Powerpc support for SBC8560 board

Paul Gortmaker paul.gortmaker at windriver.com
Tue Jan 8 01:25:25 EST 2008

This is a respin of the sbc8560 patches, incorporating the feedback and
suggested changes from everyone.  Changes include:

-coding style and missing of_put (Stephen Rothwell)

-minor dtc cleanups for gianfar, mdio, mpic etc. (David Gibson / Kumar Gala)

-use for_each macros in legacy_serial to improve readability, and as
groundwork for next change (me)

-convert dtc "duart" + "device-type="soc" thing to be an epld entry
listed as compatible with "localbus" -- plus add localbus as an acceptable
parent in legacy_serial (David Gibson / Scott Wood)

-rtc is now a child of the epld/localbus and does not use device_type
in the dtc, nor in the platform detection code (David Gibson)

-add CPM2 data to dts for FCC ports (on optional daughterboard) based
on the MPC8560ADS dts (me)

-add dts aliases, conversion to dts-v1 (Kumar)

Patches are as follows:

1  powerpc-use-for_each-in-legacy_serial.txt
2  powerpc-allow-localbus-compatible-serial-ports-for-console-device.txt
3  sbc8560-add-support-for-Wind-River-SBC8560-in-arch-powerpc.txt
4  sbc8560-Add-device-tree-source-for-Wind-River-SBC8560-board.txt
5  sbc8560-Convert-WRS-SBC8560-device-tree-to-v1-format.txt
6  CPM2-Make-support-for-the-CPM2-optional-on-8560-based-boards.txt
7  sbc8560-Add-default-.config-file-for-Wind-River-SBC8560.txt

Thanks again to all those who provided feedback.


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