[2.6.24 patch] Fix Cell OProfile support

Mathieu Desnoyers mathieu.desnoyers at polymtl.ca
Thu Jan 3 04:47:29 EST 2008

* Arnd Bergmann (arnd at arndb.de) wrote:
> On Saturday 29 December 2007, Mathieu Desnoyers wrote:
> > This patch restores the Cell OProfile support that was killed by
> > commit 09cadedbdc01f1a4bea1f427d4fb4642eaa19da9.
> > 
> > It puts it in arch/powerpc/Kconfig. Since I don't see any good reason to leave
> > this as a supplementary user-selectable option, it is now automatically enabled
> > whenever SPU_FS and OPROFILE are enabled.
> This one has already been superceded by the fix in 
> aed3a8c9bb1a8623a618232087c5ff62718e3b9a, which made CONFIG_OPROFILE_CELL an
> automatically selected option, from arch/powerpc/platforms/cell/Kconfig.

Great, so my patch should be dropped. Thanks!


> 	Arnd <><
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