Warp patches for 2.6.26

Sean MacLennan seanm at seanm.ca
Fri Apr 18 01:50:45 EST 2008

On Sat, 12 Apr 2008 20:13:16 -0700
"Dale Farnsworth" <dale at farnsworth.org> wrote:

> Each patch needs to be standalone.  you need to add a header
> describing what the patch is intended to accomplish.  Being more
> descriptive is better than less.  Also, as Stephen said, make sure
> that the subject of each email containing a patch is descriptive and
> reasonably unique within the entire kernel.

Splitting up the patches would be very error prone. I would have to
basically do all the editing by hand.

I also think I am not being clear enough. Basically what is currently
in the mainline is platform code for a Rev A board with minimal FPGA
functionality, since that is what we had at the time.

These patches, I should probably merge them into one patch, bring the
platform code up to a Rev B board with a more complete FPGA load. (I
say more complete because FPGA loads are never complete ;)

These patches only affect the Warp. Ignoring the LED and WDT patches,
you have to have all the changes to get a working Rev B. You can't just
put in the DTM changes or just put in the NAND changes.

I listed 8 changes, but three are for NAND, and four are for DTM. I
could compress them down:

Updated platform code to support Rev B boards.
  * Switched from 64M NOR/64M NAND to 4M NOR/256M NAND.
  * Fully functional DTM.
  * Added POST information.
  * Removed LED function, moved to new LED driver.

Now, the POST function and the removed LED function could be separate
patches I guess, but it hardly seems worth it. The LED function was
never used except in temporary debug code.

> For example, instead of "WDT driver", as a minimum something like:
> "[POWERPC] warp: Add WDT driver".

Ok, that I can do.


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