[F]Framebuffer driver using SM501 hardware.

Andrey Volkov avolkov at varma-el.com
Wed Aug 17 20:11:13 EST 2005

I (now :)) working on it too.

Unfortunately, due to terrible SM docos/examples,
I rewrite/write some parts from scratch :(
(mainly based on Applied Data Systems drivers for PXA).
Currently my driver(s) in prerelease stage. It provide:

- PCI/bus infra.
- CRT or LCD fb (dual head in progress,
  I hope, on next week it will be done).
- hwd cursor
- hwd accel (bitblit/fill rect/color expand)
- I2C/DDC (software, due to silicon bug in SM501)
- CI (Command List Interpreter) partially supported
  (problems in PCI mode: when it work as master with
   MPC5200, some data are lost, needed investigation).

- 16 bpp colormap (needed reverse endian support in fbcon/fbmem)
- Alpha (have not ideas how to use it in fb/X)
- Video (same as above)
- Platform driver (it will not too hard to write it,
  but all boards, which I have, are PCI based)
- USB host (in progress)
- USB slave
- Full CI support.
- UART/SPI/AC97....

To whom it is interesting, I could send my current code
(not too little). And, if smb will wish fix/expand...,
I could (temporally) create cvs on sf.net.

Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> In message <43022F05.3050409 at anagramm.de> you wrote:
>>I was working with the SM501 framebuffer for a while on
> ...and we did in the context of our 2.4 kernel.
>>There is a color-mapping issue left (RGB is swapped on powerpc)
>>and it needs lots of code cleanup or a complete rewrite.
> I think we fixed some of these problems, and I have a couple of other
> patches sitting in my queue. Anybody interested can (1) have  a  look
> at our tree and (2) mail me.
> Best regards,
> Wolfgang Denk
> In message <BPEMKMADCCCPHPEDDKOOMEHFCFAA.surendra.yadav at softdel.com> you wrote:
>>> I am writing framebuffer driver using SM501. This graphics driver chip can
> Why are you re-inventing the wheel?
Because I (for ex.) don't use nor QT, nor X :) and I use 2.6 kernel.
Also I need USB/AC97... support.

Andrey Volkov

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