Linux 2.6.x on 8xx status

Sam Song samlinuxppc at
Wed Sep 22 21:09:42 EST 2004

Dan Malek <dan at> wrote:
> I suggested this change to a few people hoping the
> information would lead them to finding the real 
> problem, not that it should be perpetuated as 
> a "fix" to make 8xx work. I don't personally have 
> time to work on this right now,
> so anyone using 8xx should be looking for the real
> cause and solution, not using this to create
> products.

Thanks for this clarification. We were just having a
beta test on it. I also noticed that there were some
disorder characters in NFS init process. Not smooth as
2.4.x did. But it was a big advance to the real
problem, especially BDI2000 firware cannot function
well for 2.6.x debug ATM. If possible, I wanna to try
JFFS2 on it to see how faster JFFS2 of 2.6 in boot
time, which David Woodhouse suggested. All

Thanks again,


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