2.4 kernel ppc-405 query

T Michael Turney tmike at theptrgroup.com
Thu Sep 23 07:00:07 EST 2004

Most of my PPC experience is with Freescale pieces.

I have downloaded 2.4.26 from kernel.org as well
as 2.4.22 and the penguinppc patches for 2.4.22.

Currently working with penguinppc 2.4.22 on custom hardware.

Q.1) 405 platform seems more vulnerable to OOPS from config changes than

General observation is the 405 code base seems more "fragile" than 8xx/8xxx

Q.2) Is IDE internal workings different during discovery than FS accesses?

System can identify an IDE harddisk with 2 partitions but then generate
OOPS later on when attempting to mount /root filesystem.  I am suspecting
initial device setup including interrupt but don't want to waste time if
the discovery process indicates a fully-functional ide sub-system.


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