Missing iBook HD driver?

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Sat Sep 21 21:52:19 EST 2002

>After corresponding with Ben H. on this and doing some testing
>I reached the conclusion that:
>If you have a dvd/cd-rw combo drive on a 600 mhz ibook the
>stock 2.4 kernels will not recognise it. Ben has fixed this in
>his kernel and I found an old reference in the faq-o-matic
>(to an iMac) that you can work around it by specifying
>as a kernel arg when booting from the install cd. I thought
>I'd drop the info here so others can search it out when they
>run into the same problem...

I don't recommend the kernel arg thing. There is indeed
a workaround that seem to work properly in my current tree,
I'll try to get that merged upstream.


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