Missing iBook HD driver?

Robert E Brose II bob at kunk.jriver.com
Sat Sep 21 06:13:20 EST 2002

After corresponding with Ben H. on this and doing some testing
I reached the conclusion that:

If you have a dvd/cd-rw combo drive on a 600 mhz ibook the
stock 2.4 kernels will not recognise it. Ben has fixed this in
his kernel and I found an old reference in the faq-o-matic
(to an iMac) that you can work around it by specifying


as a kernel arg when booting from the install cd. I thought
I'd drop the info here so others can search it out when they
run into the same problem...


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Subject: (fwd) Missing iBook HD driver?
Am I missing something? I'm trying to install on a 6 mo. old
iBook, 600 mhz, combo drive and 20 gig hd.

Neither debian 3.0, ydl 2.3 or gentoo 1.2 boot cd's find the
hard disk (though they all find the cd).

What's up with this??

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