Status of 2.5.X kernels on PPC Linux, anyone working with NPTL?

Giuliano Pochini pochini at
Sun Oct 27 23:30:14 EST 2002

Kevin Hendricks wrote:

> Also, is anyone here actively working on Ulrich Drepper's New Posix
> Thread Library (NPTL) to add in support for ppc Linux?  Has anyone
> decided on what register will be used for Thread Local Storage on PPC
> (32bit)?  (Is this r13 on ppc64?).  Have the necessary modifications to
> the ABI/compiler been made to support a dedicated thread local storage
> register?

Ehm, sorry for my silly question, but why it is necessary to keep
a register reserved for TLS ?  Where can I find detailed infos about TLS ?


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