Status of 2.5.X kernels on PPC Linux, anyone working with NPTL?

David Edelsohn dje at
Thu Oct 10 02:34:28 EST 2002

>>>>> Kevin Hendricks writes:

Kevin> Also, is anyone here actively working on Ulrich Drepper's New Posix
Kevin> Thread Library (NPTL) to add in support for ppc Linux?  Has anyone
Kevin> decided on what register will be used for Thread Local Storage on PPC
Kevin> (32bit)?  (Is this r13 on ppc64?).  Have the necessary modifications to
Kevin> the ABI/compiler been made to support a dedicated thread local storage
Kevin> register?

	There still is a question of what the final version of thread
support will look like in Glibc.  TLS support has not been added to
PowerPC GCC yet.  GPR 13 is reserved for the thread ID.  I do not know
whether that also can be used as the TLS base pointer.


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