Status of 2.5.X kernels on PPC Linux, anyone working with NPTL?

Kevin Hendricks khendricks at
Thu Oct 10 03:14:08 EST 2002

Hi David,

Thanks for responding.

> 	There still is a question of what the final version of thread
> support will look like in Glibc.  TLS support has not been added to
> PowerPC GCC yet.  GPR 13 is reserved for the thread ID.  I do not know
> whether that also can be used as the TLS base pointer.
Is IBM's NGPT the alternative being considered or just changes in how
NPTL is being implemented?

I did not realize that two registers were needed (a thread id register
and a tls base pointer).
Are you and Geoff the people that will make the decision of which
registers will be allocated and when?



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