tlbia and PPC603

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Mon Jun 24 14:02:40 EST 2002

>I learned ppc603 software hash table some extent.  And I finally
>noticed the bug in current arch/ppc/mm/ppc_mmc.c.  In old code, there
>was blr at hash_page[0] and did flush_icache_range() from hash_page[0]
>to hash_page[1].  But in current code, this code is removed when
>comparing CPU_FT_HPTE_TABLE.
>Adding this to current ppc_mmu.c have solved random crash both in
>Nubus Performa and UMAX C500.  And isync before tlbie and mtsrin seems
>to be not necessary.

Good catch !

We'll fix it asap.


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