Move kgdb init code?

Matt Porter mmporter at
Tue Jun 25 15:10:20 EST 2002

Hi all,

I've created a generic ns16550 binding to kgdb in hopes of making
enabling kgdb support less of a per-board hack.  It utilizes the
information populated in rs_table to configure the UARTs (code
stolen from a number of our other polled 16550 code areas).  The
only problem is that for systems that use early_serial_init() to
configure serial port usage, the current location of the kgdb
init code is not suitable.  early_serial_init() is run during
during a port's ppc_md.setup_arch if it is being used and so
requires the the kgdb initialization be performed after
ppc_md.setup_arch runs.

Since I don't personally use kgdb on a day-to-day basis, I'm
wondering what most people use it for.  I would guess that it
is not typically used for board bringup since it is available
so late in init code (and progress messages are available even
earlier if one can't/won't use a hardware debugger).  If most
people are using it for device driver debug, then it doesn't
seem that moving the init code after ppc_md.setup_arch would
be a problem.  It would enable kgdb in a more general purpose
way with the generic 16550 support, and somebody doing new
bringup could always move the init code earlier for their
specific case.

Any objections or alternatives?

Matt "I use a BDI2000" Porter
porter at
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