Again with the firewire

Stefan Piger piger at
Thu Nov 22 18:15:02 EST 2001

> Ask Apple what they did ... their chipset isn't documented and they
> didn't opensource their firewire driver for it.
> Note that working firewire for pismo/tipb exist in my rsync tree
> or in the linux1394 CVS. Linus and bk _devel aren't up-to-date yet.
> Ben.

I can't get firewire to work with your rsync tree on my Pismo (at least
with no one up to yesterday). When I load the modules all looks ok (to

Nov 22 07:23:06 localhost kernel: ohci1394: $Revision: 1.79 $ Ben
Collins <bcollins at>
Nov 22 07:23:06 localhost kernel: ohci1394_0: OHCI-1394 1.0 (PCI):
IRQ=[40]  MMIO=[f5000000-f5001000]  Max Packet=[2048]
Nov 22 07:23:06 localhost kernel: ieee1394: sbp2: Driver forced to
serialize I/O (serialize_io = 1)
Nov 22 07:23:06 localhost kernel: scsi1 : IEEE-1394 SBP-2 protocol

After loading the modules, there is no /proc/ohci1394 as I remember from
earllier versions of linux1394.
When I plug in a firewire device the keyboard becomes unusable, but the
machine doesn't crash, I can reboot it via ssh.
I get no error messages in /var/log/messages.

Do you have any idea why it doesn't work? I tried the same on a friends
Pismo an had the same effects!

regards, Stefan

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