sleep: trackpad settings, screen blanking

Michael Schmitz schmitz at
Thu Nov 22 05:33:06 EST 2001

> >IIRC the problem was with asynchronous ADB resetup after sleep; pmud
> >doesn't wait for that to finish and restores settings that are
> >subsequently cleares by the bus resetup. BenH thought about ways to fix
> >this, nothing final yet (that's why it reads 'for now' above :-).
> My current kernels will block ADB writes when the bus is still

I think that's what we discussed. How current a kernel do I need for that?

> beeing reset/probed. So pmud should work. However, I had some
> reports of pmud just screwing up the trackpad in this case, which
> may be related to a bug in an older release of pmud. One problem
> is that I think debian did some updates to it, but the maintainer

Yep; an off-by-one error in the reply buffer addressing.

> did't update the official version. Well, I might have just missed
> something here as I use to rely on debian's version :)

I think Stephan released an update for that after I alerted him to the
problem. But I've gotten too far out or sync with him again...


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