sleep: trackpad settings, screen blanking

benh at benh at
Thu Nov 22 05:23:24 EST 2001

>It's the "stable" kernel from the ftp site.

Hrm... which ftp site ?

>> >2) Trackpad settings aren't restored (or saved beforehand?) after
>> >   sleep.  Same questions apply.
>> That's normal for now.
>I see... is anyone working on it? "KOBAYASHI R. Taizo" sent me a patch
>that he says does it...  I suppose I don't have the time in any case
>(nor much knowledge).

There was some code to do that in pmud afaik, but I think it was
broken in subtle ways and got disabled. Just run the trackpad tool
again from your /etc/pwrctl script.

For 2.5, I'm thinking about doing a /proc/bus/adb, with all the
available config infos (Fn key behaviour, trackpad setting, maybe
other things on non-Apple devices like HW button mapping on some
third party mice when we know how to do it).

At this point, I expect those infos to be backed up accross ADB


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