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Iain Sandoe iain at
Tue Apr 17 19:13:12 EST 2001

> On Mon, Apr 16, 2001 at 08:11:21PM +0200, Giuliano Pochini wrote:
>> Not a good choice. Often it happens you can't type anything in the
>> OF boot menu script, so you can't choose what OS start up (or at
>> least my 7300 with OF v1.0.5 had this problem). It also happens on
>> a 2nd-half-2000-series G4 where the ofboot script refuse to accept
>> keyboard input 80% of the times.
> everyone i know running quik doesn't have any problems.

That may be true with quik itself - but console usage of OF is a PITA for
most of the older (OF 1.0.5-ish) machines - I can't get my 9600 to retain
the re-mapping of kbd/screen for more than one reboot - i.e. set the OF vars
(using BootVars) reboot - OF is OK to screen & kbd.   Next reboot they are
reset back to point to 38400 serial :-((( ...

BootX is much nicer... :-)  especially for those of us who still _need_ to
use MacOS for other work...


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