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Wed Apr 18 00:03:45 EST 2001

On  17 Apr, this message from Iain Sandoe echoed through cyberspace:
>> everyone i know running quik doesn't have any problems.
> That may be true with quik itself - but console usage of OF is a PITA for
> most of the older (OF 1.0.5-ish) machines - I can't get my 9600 to retain
> the re-mapping of kbd/screen for more than one reboot - i.e. set the OF vars
> (using BootVars) reboot - OF is OK to screen & kbd.   Next reboot they are
> reset back to point to 38400 serial :-((( ...

You sure your backup battery is OK? It's not completely dead, I think
otherwise the box wouldn't boot; but you may test it anyhow.

Also, you could add an nvsetenv script on shutdown as a workaround.


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