Quad SMP on G4

Michel Lanners mlan at cpu.lu
Wed Apr 18 00:23:21 EST 2001

On  17 Apr, this message from Peter Cordes echoed through cyberspace:
>  When these came up, the keyboard was half functional.  I could switch
> consoles, scroll back, and use the magic sysrq key.  Regular typing doesn't
> produce any characters on screen, so of course I couldn't log in.  I could
> ping and make TCP connections, but user space sshd doesn't answer, so the
> connection hangs.

I've had a similar symptom (some key combos work, like console
switching, but not typing, and no new process like a telnetd can start)
on my TiBook, which is obviously not SMP, and doesn't run a SMP kernel.

Maybe the problem here si something else?


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