ASM-PPC Include File Rework Proposal: Processor / Board Header Files

markwiz at markwiz at
Sat Jun 24 05:37:05 EST 2000

I agree in part with both Dan and Grant.  May I suggest the processor.h
file be organized as follows:

Section 1: SPR Definitions
     1.A : Common SPR defines
     1:B: 6xx Specific defines
     1:C: 8xx Specific defines
     1.D: 403 Specific defines
     1.E: 405 Specific defines
Section 2: SPR Bit definitions
     2.A: Common Bit defines
     2.B: 6xx Specific Bit defines
     2.C: 8xx Specific Bit defines
     2.D 403 Specific Bit defines
     2.E: 405 Specific Bit defines
With this format multiple files are not needed and it should be easier to
read because it would eliminate many of the #ifdefs. It also would allow
new processor definitions to be added in the future.

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