Kernel >=2.2.16 on Lombard

Claudio Nieder private at
Sun Jun 25 06:30:03 EST 2000


I'm not able to use either linuxBenh or linuxStable, which I
rsynced some hours ago from linuxcare, on my Lombard. I use
the .config as supplied (just calling make oldconfig before
make dep etc.). My last kernel I built was 2.2.15pre19 from
one of the above sources, and it works well.

linuxBenh, which identifies itself as version 2.2.16, will stop
early during boot with the message:

  pmac nvram is core99: 0
  Don't know how to access NVRAM with 0 addresses.

linuxStable, which identifies itself as version 2.2.17pre3 will stop
even earlier, after the line


was printed. If anybody was succesful in using one of the above
kernels on the Lombard I'd appreciate, if you could send me your

		Thank you
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