Accessing IO space via resources

Michel Lanners mlan at
Sun Jun 25 17:39:30 EST 2000

Hi all,

On  24 Jun, this message from Martin Costabel echoed through cyberspace:
>> After investigating this, it turns out that early in the boot process,
>> before the mm system is up, ioremap returns virt == phys for
>> addresses >= ioremap_base. ioremap_base got changed from 0xf8000000 to
>> 0xf0000000 in recent kernels. Anybody kow why this got changed?
> Browsing bk diffs (BTW, it's rather the other way round),

Oooppss.. of course.

> this looks
> very much like a typo. Paulus, on 06/09/2000, cleaning up too
> thoroughly?

Might be...

But on the other hand, what's the reason for having the ioremap_base
limit other than for the sake of mapping 1:1 above it?

If the reason is to map 1:1, no luck... there's hardly anything besides
ROM above 0xf8000000 on PowerMacs. In that case, and supposing it was
moved to make more room below it, it can be moved to 0xffffffff anyway..



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