Latest XFree86 v4.0 crashing (possible culprit sawmill)

root whschult at
Fri Apr 28 22:50:50 EST 2000

> root wrote:
> > While switching desktops, X completely dies on me.  It's not
> > consistently repeatable, but I've had to kill the programs it didn't
> > pull with it enough times to know that something's wrong.
> >
> > That's all it's doing.  X dies when I'm switching desktops, either by
> > dragging the mouse, or by clicking the desktop in the deskguide.
> Just to be sure: Is this about "real" desktops or virtual desktops? AFAIK
> mouse dragging only works to switch between virtual ones?
> > Please tell me I'm crazy and that it isn't really happenning...
> You're crazy and it isn't really happening. *grin*
> Seriously, Sawmill isn't the culprit (Listen people: server crashes are
> _never_ application bugs :) but it seems to point out this server bug better
> than anything else.
> If you could provide a gdb backtrace from a static server, that would be
> great, otherwise you could send the log and other useful information either
> here or maybe better to XFree86.
> Michel

I'm roughly familiar with gdb, but not enough to really know what I
should be doing to help.  Where should I expect to find the core file,
and what information do you need?  Which log file do you need?


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