Latest XFree86 v4.0 crashing (possible culprit sawmill)

Michel Dänzer daenzerm at
Fri Apr 28 23:29:29 EST 2000

root wrote:

> I'm roughly familiar with gdb, but not enough to really know what I
> should be doing to help.  Where should I expect to find the core file,

The server doesn't normally dump core. I suggest you build a server with
'#define DoLoadableServer NO' uncommented in either
xc/config/cf/{xf86site,host}.def and run the server from gdb.

Beware that you'll most probably have to do that from a remote machine as you
won't have access to gdb's console otherwise.

> and what information do you need?

Where it crashes :)

Hint: Rebuild the file(s) it shows with makeg to see the actual code in gdb.

> Which log file do you need?


But sadly it's only rarely helpful in such cases.


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