Install on a Pismo (going bad)

Olaf Hering olh at
Tue Apr 4 20:50:36 EST 2000

On Tue, Apr 04, Tim Wojtulewicz wrote:

> I've run into a few problems with installing LinuxPPC 2000 on a Pismo
> powerbook.  First, the keyboard isn't recognized by the installer.
> I've tried hooking up a USB keyboard from a blue and white G3, but it
> says that the device wasn't responding and that is was giving up.  Is
> there a workaround of some sort for this?
> Second (the more major problem), is that somehow the partition table
> on my hard drive got all screwed up.  Now the LinuxPPC installer
> tells me it can't read the partition table, and doesn't understand
> where my hard drive is.  I tried booting back into MacOS and using a
> multitude of tools to reformat the drive (or just recreate the
> partition table), with no luck.  Any suggestions?

Boot from the MacOS CD, use Drive Setup, create one big MacOS partition,
this will/should clean up the partition table. Then create 4 partitions,
one for MacOS, one Linuxboot partition in HFS Format, one swap and a
Linux Partition.
Try the latest Kernel from Ben or our suseboot.hqx file at

Finally, send me the output of

Gruss Olaf

 $ man 1 current_release

       Users never read manuals...

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