[patch] Paul's rsync kernel compile fix

Shaw Terwilliger sterwill at io.nu
Sun Sep 26 02:48:27 EST 1999

Martin Costabel wrote:
> Oh, I see. We are indeed not talking about the same thing. I have the
> development tree (2.3.18), and there arch/ppc/kernel/pmac_setup.c does
> include <asm/dma.h>. 
> What if you just plug a "#include <asm/dma.h>" in there? But then I
> don't know whether the declarations in question are there in this
> version.

Yep, dma.h holds the declarations, and sticking it in pmac_setup.c
corrects my problems.  I thought there must have been a much more
complicated solution because I couldn't imagine I was the only one
seeing this error.  :)

> BTW, Paul's 2.3.18 compiles cleanly (and boots, in contrast to the
> 2.3.18 version from the cvs tree at openprojects), at least if HFS
> support is switched off.

I've got 2.2.12 working very nicely with my Lombard, and generally
I'm aware of the differences between stable/dev kernels, but is
there anything really cool in 2.3.18 for the PPC (from Paul's
archive) that might lead me to switch to it?

Shaw Terwilliger (sterwill at io.nu)

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