Lombard shuts itself off

Josh Huber huberj at WPI.EDU
Mon Sep 20 00:31:06 EST 1999

Benjamin Herrenschmidt writes:
> I have a similar problem with my wallstreet. It seems to survive quite
> well when travelling with in bag, but when working with it on my knees, A
> brutal move sometimes disconnects the battery. 
> There is still a possibility of a problem with PMU communication. This
> beast is quite sensitive to various timing issues, and when something
> goes wrong, it shuts the machine down abruptly.
Well, it happaned again, but this time is was sleeping last night on my desk with the power cord attached!

I woke up this morning, and the sleep led was flashing, but when I pressed a key, it didn't wake up, the led went off, and nothing happaned.

My question is this:
Ben, is it possible that there could be a problem with the wakup code that caused this problem, or do you think that i should call and complain to apple?

My battery was in the right compartment, and it wasn't moving around at all, but then again it was also still hooked up to wall power...

The suspicious thing is that the led was still flashing, but usually when I have this problem (with I'm carrying it around w/o power) the led stops blinking..although it has happened like this before.

Never while it was hooked up to AC power though.

A similar thing happens in MacOS, which is why I'm inclined to call apple on this one...


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