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[about LILO]:
> it boots very cleanly on x86, booting linux instead of windows is 
> complete non issue there.
> BIOS loads the bootblock from boot disk or if one does not exist it 
> looks for a partition marked bootable in the partition table and 
> loads the bootblock from that.  the BIOS knows NOTHING about ANY 
> filesystem not ext2 not FAT, NTFS, DOSfs, not HFS.  lilo works 
> wonderfully, and does not require its very own partition in a 
> specific filesystem format to work. *I* think this is a very clean 
> way to boot it allows the replacement of the filesystem without 
> anything more then a update to lilo at most.  not a whole new machine 

Furthermore, LILO provides with a lot of interesting  options  rarely
used  but  very  powerful  (and  *very* useful for embedded systems):
password protection,  selection  of  alternate  boot  arguments  with
automatic fallback if booting fails etc.

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