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David D. Kilzer ddkilzer at
Thu Sep 16 13:37:14 EST 1999

Ethan Benson <erbenson at> wrote:

>On 15/9/99 Peter Bierman <bierman at> wrote:
>>Everything on x86 is an delicate chain built from how it was done in the
>at least you can take a machine from the 1970s and install and boot
>linux and LILO on it without using MS booters or OSes, and without
>creating partitions with fake versions of DOS or windows to boot
>I call that a working and longterm solution.

As HFS is working and longterm solution, though obviously not to your
liking.  That's fine, but you've made your point abundantly clear.  Please
take further discussions off the mailing list or email
<leadership at> and wait for Steve Jobs to answer you.


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