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David N. Welton davidw at
Thu Sep 16 08:47:02 EST 1999

Speaking of booting stuff, I have an RS6000 F50 here, which I have got
running Yellowdog Linux.  To boot it, I currently use a floppy with
the 2.3.10 kernel.  Does anyone know how to go about booting these
things from the HD?  Various combinations of "boot scsci/sd at 8,0...."
don't seem to have much effect on it, which seems logical, as the
kernel is on an ext2 partition.

Also, what is the best place to get the most recent devel kernels?
I'm interested in getting into some of the low level stuff on these
boxes, and want to start from where everyone else is.  I got 2.3.18 to
compile, but it doesn't do much after I boot it... seems to get out of
prom_init and then die somewhere, and I don't know much about getting
further information out of head.S (prom_init is in C and I can call

Anyway, anything people can tell me about this machine, the kernel,
etc, would be quite useful.

Thanks for your time,
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