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Thu Sep 16 09:01:00 EST 1999

On Wed, 15 Sep 1999, David N. Welton wrote:

> Speaking of booting stuff, I have an RS6000 F50 here, which I have got
> running Yellowdog Linux.  To boot it, I currently use a floppy with
> the 2.3.10 kernel.  Does anyone know how to go about booting these
> things from the HD?  Various combinations of "boot scsci/sd at 8,0...."
> don't seem to have much effect on it, which seems logical, as the
> kernel is on an ext2 partition.

David: Best bet is to reinstall.. make a ~10meg PReP Boot partition (type
41) and then install Quik 2 from

We haven't tried this, but I've been told it works for RS/6000 + Yellow
Dog booting.

> Also, what is the best place to get the most recent devel kernels?
> I'm interested in getting into some of the low level stuff on these
> boxes, and want to start from where everyone else is.  I got 2.3.18 to
> compile, but it doesn't do much after I boot it... seems to get out of
> prom_init and then die somewhere, and I don't know much about getting
> further information out of head.S (prom_init is in C and I can call
> prom_print).
> Anyway, anything people can tell me about this machine, the kernel,
> etc, would be quite useful.
> Thanks for your time,
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