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Ethan Benson erbenson at
Thu Sep 16 08:27:30 EST 1999

On 15/9/99 Peter Bierman wrote:

>Since I'm the one that came up with the "disgusting kludge", do you have
>any ideas to share on how to make it better?

yes I have already mentioned it, do it like intel machines do, the 
BIOS (OF) loads code from the bootblock of the disk or root partition 
(marked bootable in the partition table), simple and filesystem 

requiring a dedicated partition for the BOOTSTRAP is ridiculous. 
and so is chaining oneself to a single filesystem (HFS)

the bootblock method works on most OF machines since there are plenty 
of people using quik to do it, its the newworld machines that are 
either different or broken, however they have a flashable ROM so 
apple can fix this oversight.

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