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Peter Bierman bierman at
Thu Sep 16 03:39:24 EST 1999

At 10:38 PM -0800 9/14/99, Ethan Benson wrote:
>On 14/9/99 Timothy A. Seufert wrote:
>>In fact, I think that's just what OS X does on New World machines.  I
>>recall that it creates a small partition named "Rhapsody Booter" or some
>>such thing.
>yes it does this on all machines, and frankly I think its a
>disgusting kludge, that would be OK as a absolute LAST RESORT *after*
>all attempts to get a proper booter working have failed.
>Apple's attitude seems to be `why do it right when a kludge will do?'
>I do not want to see linux choose the same philosophy.
>sorry to be blunt but just because apple has chosen to kludge their
>bootloader does NOT mean that is what we should do.

Since I'm the one that came up with the "disgusting kludge", do you have
any ideas to share on how to make it better?


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