2.2.12 and rev2 B&W G3: up and running!

Otto Moerbeek otto at cable.a2000.nl
Wed Sep 8 16:00:25 EST 1999


I have been able to compile and run 2.2.12 using Paul Mackerras
linux-pmac-stable source tree. I am running it on a B&W G3, rev2, no
SCSI. Some comments:

- I had to use hda=noautotune as a kernel arg. Otherwise a DMA timeout
occurs when doing the partition check.
- I had to apply my USB-ISO keyboard patch (available at
<http://people.a2000.nl/omoerbe/>) to get all the keys on my keyboard

Now doing a linux-pmac-devel rsync, to see what's there...

TX Paul, for doing a great job!


Otto Moerbeek
otto at cable.a2000.nl

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