Patch for powercomputing keyboards

Jerry Quinn jquinn at
Wed Sep 8 07:09:07 EST 1999

>> "Simon" == Simon Piette <spiette at> writes:

 Simon> Jerry Quinn wrote:
 >> Hi all.  I've put together a hack that allows the CapsLock key on
 >> PowerComputing keyboards to work reasonably as a control key.
 >> So anyone with a Powercomputing keyboard, please try this out and let me
 >> know what you think.  The patch is against Linus' 2.2.10.  If it seems
 >> good, I think it also will need a configuration, unless someone has a
 >> suggestion on how to make it play nicely with Apple keyboards.

 Simon> Hi,

 Simon> I have a Umax J700 and the patch work perfectly. Thanks a lot for this
 Simon> annoying bug fix! Do you think it will be integrated in the vger
 Simon> and/or samba kernel?

Thanks for the feedback!It's very useful to me as well.  

I would like it to go in, especially to the mainline as well as development
kernel.  Can anyone offer some input on how to get it into the vger kernel?


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