turbo mouse driver fix...

Jerry Quinn jquinn at nortelnetworks.com
Tue May 25 23:23:57 EST 1999

Mark Abene wrote:
> Hey!  Please test the following patch to mac_keyb.c which fixes the TurboMouse
> support you added based on my "mousehack" program.  I tested my changes on a
> 2.2.7 kernel.  The problem is that once you determine we are working with a
> TurboMouse 5 (thanks for adding the reg 1 ID detection, btw!), we need to write
> to id 3, which is how you control the TurboMouse 5's modes, not to id 15.

Naive question here:  Does id 3 refer to the adb device?  The reason I
ask is that when I had the 2.2.0/1 kernel, 3-button detection wasn't
working properly in my setup.  At the time the answer was supposed to be

mousemode 3 4

However, in my setup I also had a joystick connected.  So in reality I
sometimes had to do mousemode 15 4 randomly.  I guess it was whichever
device got recognized first.

Anyway, my point is that if this is the device id, assuming id 3 may not
be the correct thing to do in general.

If it's not device id, just ignore me :-)

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