turbo mouse driver fix...

Mark Abene phiber at radicalmedia.com
Wed May 26 00:49:37 EST 1999

I don't THINK it should break anything, since it's only being done after the
Kensington is being properly identified through its register 1 signature.
The problem is that the TurboMouse 5 takes up two adb id's.  When it first
comes up, they're typically both on 3, then one gets moved to 15.
Maybe I could have the driver check itself, if we're currently using id 15,
then the control id is definitely 3?  There really aren't any clean privisions
in the driver for dealing with mice/trackballs that use two id's.  I just
assume that if we already detected our signature, then assume the control
id is 3.  I know it's not clean, but unless me or someone else thinks of a 
better way, it works...  without mousemode or mousehack needed.


On Tue, May 25, 1999 at 09:23:57AM -0400, Jerry Quinn wrote:
> Naive question here:  Does id 3 refer to the adb device?  The reason I
> ask is that when I had the 2.2.0/1 kernel, 3-button detection wasn't
> working properly in my setup.  At the time the answer was supposed to be
> running 
> mousemode 3 4
> However, in my setup I also had a joystick connected.  So in reality I
> sometimes had to do mousemode 15 4 randomly.  I guess it was whichever
> device got recognized first.
> Anyway, my point is that if this is the device id, assuming id 3 may not
> be the correct thing to do in general.
> If it's not device id, just ignore me :-)
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