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Tue May 25 08:00:36 EST 1999

Paul Mackerras <paulus at> wrote:

> What's happening is I think the same as what happens on the iMac: when
> you run the BootX app to boot linux, and it asks macos to shut down,
> macos shuts down the awacs, in such a fashion that the only thing that
> will start it up again is a hard reset. :-( 

I believe the same thing has happened on my box, although a hardware
reset has yet to fix the problem! :-<

Sound does not come out of either the internal speaker, or the line out
jack. Playing a .wav or a CD produces no sound. MacOS will not play any
sounds too. I have tried everything from hard resets to power cycling to
zapping the PRAM 3 times, and nothing has brought my sound back. Do any
of you hardware gurus out there know if it is possible to manually reset
the AWACS chip? Does this mean I fried my AWACS chip? How could I
replace it if necessary? Please help.


Scott Sams

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