semaphores in 2.3.3

Oliver Neukum Oliver.Neukum at
Tue May 25 04:15:55 EST 1999


as you may have noticed linux-2.3.3  doesn't compile on powerpc due to
changes in semaphores and waitqueues. This means that ppc is again at a
I hope for ppc to become one of the stable ports.
I've attached a patch that ports the basic change from i386 to ppc.
As yet, the kernel will not compile. It needs to include semaphore.h at a
few places. In addition i've found ide-pmac.c and adbmouse.c to be broken.

People, this can't be that hard.


Oliver Neukum

PS: It assumes the changes needed to compile 2.2.8 have been made.

PPS:What is the reason IrDA isn't there for ppc ?
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