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Sun May 23 14:11:50 EST 1999

On Sat, 22 May 1999, Samuel Rydh wrote:

> The Mac-on-Linux kernel support code has in principle the following 
> tasks:
>   - Emulate privileged instructions.
>   - Handle the MMU (maps ROM, RAM etc.)
> The implementation is primarily based upon hooks in the
> low-level exception handlers. Besides this, the interaction
> with the kernel has been kept at a minimum.
> I believe the exception hooks must be put into the
> mach kernel - possibly it is easiest to put all code 
> there.

There would be advantages and disadvantages.  Speed-wise, it'd be great if
it were all in mach and if the mac-on-linux binary were mach aware,
detecting Mach's presense, and using direct calls into Mach. 
Simplicity-wise, we could stick an abstraction layer in there in the linux
server so that it mostly looked the same to mac-on-linux whether it was
running on LinuxPPC or MkLinux.  Not sure which would end up being the
most advantageous, but it's probably a moot point until the Mach handling
changes are made.  :-)


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