Stefan Berndtsson stefan at
Sat May 22 17:15:27 EST 1999

Samuel Rydh <samuel at> writes:

> No. There is a hardware independent video driver which uses
> the framebuffer device. Does singlestepping (Meta-S) work? 
> Also, remeber to specify 'processor: 4' in the molrc file.
> Btw. I've uploaded a new release of Mac-on-Linux (with
> binaries) which works properly on G3 machines. It is possible 
> that the G3 fix also solves the 603 problem.

I've compiled the new one, and patched the kernel as well
with the newest patches for that.

The result is identical to me. Meta-S gives the same hanging 'mm',
as Meta-G does, which seems to be resolvable only by a Ctrl-C,
which then exists the program.

I am specifying '4' as processor too..


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