Umax S900 CD Rom problems...

Ray Allis ray at
Fri May 21 07:28:24 EST 1999

"Velasquez, Carlos" wrote:

> Hello,
> Has anyone successfully installed  Linux on a Umax S900 Mac clone? If so,
> can you share your stories with me? I am having problems installing Linux on
> my Umax S900 (225 Mhz ppc with 162Meg ram, ixMicro Twin Turbo 8Meg video
> card.) Apparently, when I try to do a CD install, the installer doesn't
> recognize the CD Rom device. I believe I have a Matshita CD rom drive
> installed as an internal SCSI device (bus 0, Id 4).

I gave up. ;)  First attempt, the installer did not recognize the Twin Turbo.
on this list offered a fixed installer.  Then, the machine lost track of the
CD, so the
installer displayed o.k. but could not see anything to install. ;)  Then the
SCSI went invisible - no CD, no floppy, no Zip.  Soooo, sent it to the shop,
they replaced the motherboard (where the SCSI chip was mounted).  Now the
won't write (correctly) to the internal hard drives.  Seems the E100 chip sorta
to let the two 2-gig disks be anything but RAID, no matter how I initialize
And then too, it's a twin processor SMP, and THAT won't run anything but the
Umax-supplied demos (MacOS 7.6) and then for a maximum of 30 minutes.

I'm parting it out ;).

Ray Allis

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