Umax S900 CD Rom problems...

Kevin Hendrickson hndrcksn at
Sat May 22 04:47:50 EST 1999

On Thu, 20 May 1999, Ray Allis wrote:

> "Velasquez, Carlos" wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Has anyone successfully installed  Linux on a Umax S900 Mac clone? If so,
> > can you share your stories with me? I am having problems installing Linux on
> > my Umax S900 (225 Mhz ppc with 162Meg ram, ixMicro Twin Turbo 8Meg video
> > card.) Apparently, when I try to do a CD install, the installer doesn't
> > recognize the CD Rom device. I believe I have a Matshita CD rom drive
> > installed as an internal SCSI device (bus 0, Id 4).
> I gave up. ;)  First attempt, the installer did not recognize the Twin
> Turbo.  Someone on this list offered a fixed installer.  Then, the
> machine lost track of the CD, so the installer displayed o.k. but could
> not see anything to install. ;)  Then the whole SCSI went invisible - no
> CD, no floppy, no Zip.  Soooo, sent it to the shop, where they replaced
> the motherboard (where the SCSI chip was mounted).  Now the installer
> won't write (correctly) to the internal hard drives.  Seems the E100
> chip sorta refuses to let the two 2-gig disks be anything but RAID, no
> matter how I initialize them.  And then too, it's a twin processor SMP,
> and THAT won't run anything but the Umax-supplied demos (MacOS 7.6) and
> then for a maximum of 30 minutes. 

What version of LinuxPPC are you trying to install? I've gotten R4.0 and
pre-R5 to install on my dual 180MHz S900. Though both installed over the
net, but both were able to see both SCSI busses and both my Matsushita CD
and Panasonic CD-R. I've also gotten it to run MacOS 8.0 and 8.1. Haven't
bothered with 8.5 or 8.6 yet. I am currently having my latest kernel
2.2.6-15apmac to use my Matsushita CD though. I don't use it very often,
so I don't know if any earlier 2.2.x kernels also gave trouble. My CD-R
works just fine though.

> I'm parting it out ;).
> Ray Allis

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