apus stuff

Jesper Skov jskov at cygnus.co.uk
Tue May 18 06:03:24 EST 1999

>>>>> "Cort" == Cort Dougan <cort at ppc.kernel.org> writes:

[about Linux/APUS changes]
Cort> You're welcome to stick them at ppc.kernel.org, too if you want.

Done. apus-vger-990517.tgz is in incoming.

Primarily __va/__pa changes and Amiga/APUS updates from as far back as
October. Still plenty to do (IO macros in particular) but this would
be a nice start to get in.

I tried building for PowerMac with my changes in, but the vger tree
seems to be broken (by other stuff than mine), so I just hope I
haven't broken something with these changes.


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