atyfb and Powerbook G3 250 (wallstreet)

Andreas toa at
Tue May 18 04:48:00 EST 1999


last week I got my Wallstreet G3 250 back from repair. They changed
CPU-Board, Chache, Flex Cable and the Display. Don't know why. On the
MacOS all works ok so far.
Then I tried LinuxPPC kernel 2.2.6 with no video driver off -> should
use atyfb.
I worked for half an hour on the text mode trying to build one of the
latest kernel. After this half hour the screen went into unreadable
chars. As usual I thought nothing bad and did a reboot. Same situation
even worse. Changed back to kernel 2.2.4, same behaviour. Then I checked
the option no video driver. Huh, the book came in readable chars up. At
least the console modus works. I then shutdown because I'm very unsure now.

I was working with PB and Linux for quite a long time with different
kernels. Since BootX gives the option to enter kernel options I did. I
set video=atyfb vmode:14,cmode:32 and mclk=63.

Now I don't know if I hurt the book with this Linux or do I have a ***
book which  is very affective on things like that.

Does anybody had symptoms like that? Do I have set something wrong?

Any hints are appreciated,


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